SEO Optimize Article Forge Content

How to SEO Optimize Ai Articles Generated with Article Forge?

AI has indeed made our lives much easier. We can now ask an AI tool to write a whole article for us and it will do so in a matter of seconds. But that doesn’t mean we no longer need to work. We simply need to evolve the way we work.

 For example, if we ask an AI tool like Article Forge to write an article for us, it will write it and optimize it to its best ability. But, this article will only rank on Google if we put extra effort into SEO optimization. We also need to proofread the article for any potential errors and misinformation.

The optimization of our articles for SEO purposes is a must as AI cannot be perfect. Human logic and thinking make the AI-generated article much better.

This article is a guide on how you can SEO optimize articles that you generate using an AI tool like Article Forge. Read till the end if you want your AI-generated articles to rank on Google.

SEO Optimize Article Forge Content

How to Generate Articles with Article Forge?

This article is about SEO optimization of AI-generated articles. But, you first need to learn how to generate articles with Article Forge. If you think you can simply tell it about the idea of an article in your mind and it will write a great article, you might be wrong.

Though Article Forge tries its best to write the perfect article, you need to do some research beforehand. First, you need to do research for your keywords. Once you find the low-ranking keyword, you will need to craft a title. Now again, you need to keep SEO in your mind when making a title for your article.

Now, you have a keyword and a title based on that keyword. It’s time to put this into Article Forge. Wait for it to write a great article for you. Naturally, this article will be optimized for SEO, but it can always be better.

Importance of SEO Optimization

If you are using Article Forge to generate articles, you will surely know a thing or two about SEO. If you don’t, we are here to tell you. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the optimizing of your articles in a way that the Google bots understand its content easily. Additionally, the bots should value its worth of ranking it on the top.

SEO is vital if you want your articles to rank on Google’s first page. Every blogger takes SEO very seriously and is always looking for newer strategies to outrank their competitors. We will guide you about making your AI-generated articles optimized with SEO in this article.

Making Article Forge Articles SEO Optimized

You now know the importance of SEO and how to generate articles with Article Forge. The procedure of making your AI-generated articles optimized with SEO is related to those two. The following are a few strategies you can use to optimize your articles in the best way”

1. No Compromise on Keyword

The most important step is finding a keyword that is high in volume and lower in difficulty. If you have a great keyword, Article Forge will do most of the optimization.

2. Titles and Meta

If your title is SEO optimized, Google will consider your article for ranking. And if you have added meta descriptions for your article, Google will absolutely love it. Things like meta descriptions and snippets play a huge role in ranking.

3. Optimizing Content Structure

We all know AI is good, but human logic is better. That is why you should look at the AI-generated article and analyze its structure. Then make any necessary changes that are required.

4. Building Backlinks

One more strategy that is highly effective in ranking your AI articles is having high-quality backlinks. If you give your website enough backlinks that are trusted by Google, nothing will stop your content from ranking.

5. Social Media Sources

Now, you have published the article but you need traffic for it to become popular. Social media is an effective way of driving traffic to your website. This will help your website in ranking and revenue.

6. Monitoring Performance

The last step is to keep monitoring the performance of your blog posts and website. How many impressions do you get with certain strategies etc? You should note this and improve future articles with this data.


People all over the world use AI to generate articles these days. AI is quicker and cheaper than hiring human writers. But, AI-generated articles need some additional work as well. For example, you need to optimize them for SEO purposes.

This article discussed different techniques that can be used to make your AI articles generated with Article Forge optimized for SEO. We also talked about the importance of SEO in this article. Feel free to read this article and implement these strategies for better ranking.

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